3 Good Reasons To Work Past Retirement Age

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3 years ago

Retiring at age 65 is becoming a thing of the past and that’s not just because people haven’t saved enough for retirement. Increasingly those who can afford to stop working are deciding to stay in their field. Here are three convincing reasons you too should stay on the job at least a few more years:

3goodreasontoworkafterretirement1 1. Benefits: The benefits you get while working could be saving you thousands of dollars especially for medical coverage. However, keeping your work coverage over Medicare will depend on a number of factors such as how big your company is.

3goodreasontoworkafterretirement2 2. Social Security: You will be able to earn 8% more each year you delay claiming it past your retirement age until you reach 70! What a steal!

3goodreasontoworkafterretirement33. Relationships: Working isn’t always about money right? If you like your job, stick with it, as the relationships you build at the office might be hard to replace when you leave.

So when you’re at that point in your career where you have to decide whether you want to stay working or not, be sure to consider all of these factors as they may be to your advantage. It’s important to keep in mind everyone’s situation varies however, you have to make sure you get those most out of your job.