3 Annoying Money-Sucking Fees And How To Avoid Them!

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2 years ago

Free Yourself Of Unwanted Fees!

Alright let’s face it, no matter what we do or buy there usually is a price tag attached following some additional fees which just seem so wrong. Have you ever been charged to use the bathroom in Europe or pay extra fees on you bank account? Well here’s how you can be avoid being nickeled and dimed!


Let’s start with travel. Are you leaving on a jet plane? Well get ready to pay for all those checked bags. Most airlines charge at least $25 and then extra if they’re oversized. So how do you avoid this? Simply fly airlines such as Southwest and JetBlue who will check your first bag for free!

However, if you need to rent a car once you get to wherever you are going, try to avoid the collision damage waiver. Of course you have to have insurance on any vehicle you’re driving but be sure to check with your insurance first because most likely you’re already covered which means you will be paying twice, ouch!

Now if your little adventure happens to take you out of the country watch out for those charged fees for using your debit or credit card. How can you avoid this 3% charge? Check with your card provider or if you leave the country frequently some cards like Visa and MasterCard will have the fees waived already.

And this is just a start to all the ridiculous fees that are out there. Don’t even get us started about hotels and vacation packages! For more details on how you can be saving be sure to check out the video above!

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